Painting with our Feet!

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week we really enjoyed painting with our FEET! The children had a lot of fun feeling the textures in their toes, sliding on the paper, and watching the colors mix together. It was a great outdoor project!

Teacher Kimberly


Musikgarten at the Baby Home

We have really been enjoying the new Musikgarten classes with Amber. The children love dancing, shaking bells, and using the rhythm sticks. Its very cute to watch the babies shaking their heads to the beat of the music and clapping along with a song. We are very excited to have this a part of our daily program.

Teacher Kimberly

Music & Literacy

Our curriculum has always focused on language and literacy skills, but this year we want to expand this to include cultural literacy through music. I’ve been doing some internet research about this and have found many sites arguing the pros and cons of cultural literacy. One site argued very well for the use of music in the classroom to promote academic excellence. Some interesting reading has been linked below. While I’ve never read E.D. Hirsch’s book about cultural literacy I thought the argument for cultural literacy was excellent. However, what each of us would deem necessary to be culturally literate would be up for debate. Reading this also made me ask if my own children were culturally literate and what gaps need to be filled in their educations.

I’m using the book Rise Up Singing edited by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson as a place to begin. For parents that want to purchase the book for use at home with your kids the ISBN is 0-9626704-9-9. I’ve created a play list on my iTunes application and am searching iTunes for the songs in the book. Children in all classes will get to listen to this music daily. We’ll also learn some of the songs that relate to this year’s curriculum theme. We’ll begin the year learning “All I Really Need” from Raffi’s album “Songs of the World.” We’re also going to learn “Love Grows One by One” from Stuart Stott’s album “Celebrate.” It’s been fun listening to songs I learned as a child and to new ones I’ve never heard.

I would encourage everyone to search “Shenandoah” in iTunes. There were so many beautiful renditions. I bought 4 of them! I’m sure all the kids will enjoy listening to folk music and have fun learning some new songs.



http://www.aft.org/pubs-reports/american_educator/spring2004/literacyroacks.html as literacy.doc+music+an+avenue+for+cultural+literacy&cd=22&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari


No Mess Finger Painting!

Last Wednesday and Thursday the babies had a lot of fun doing some "No Mess Art." The children were confused at first about why the paint was not on their hands... They would look at their hand and then at the paper. It was a lot of fun playing drums on our pictures as well! It’s a great project that you could easily do at home with your little ones as well. Pick paper of your choice, place globs of paint on the paper (use multiple colors), cover with plastic wrap, and allow your child to hit, push, and use their fingers to move the paint around. When child is finished, or the plastic wrap is beginning to come off, compliment your child's beautiful art, remove plastic wrap (discard), and hang the picture to dry!

Teacher Kimberly


Three Year Old Drawings

Today your children and their teachers had their first drawing lesson. We’re using a book that I purchased when I was taking an art class for elementary education teachers in college. Drawing with Children is written by Mona Brookes who founded the Monart Drawing Schools. The premise is that anyone can learn to draw and that young children should be given the opportunity to learn.

Today the children were shown a picture of a house and encouraged to look at all the details and talk about what they saw. This was also a good time to reinforce and build their Chinese vocabulary. After looking at the house the children realized that one wall was really a chain link gate. At that point we went outside to look at and touch the chain link gate in the back yard. When we came back in we talked about who lives in the house. Next the children traced the lines of the house with their fingers and then began drawing what they saw. When they were finished drawing the teachers recorded the children’s comments about their pictures. The pictures were put in the children’s files so that we can watch their growth throughout the year.

You can find examples of children’s drawing athttp://www.monart.com.

Pics of Our Kiddos

Just testing to see how this works before I add pics of the kids. If you want to see pics of your child on the blog you will need to be sure that a photo release form is in your child's file.