Sun Catchers at the Baby House

As the toddlers mature they're beginning to participate in more art projects created by themselves. Last week they made sun catchers which turned out beautifully. The children were very focused on their work and proud of their finished creations.


Chinese with Yueying

This week the children are learning new songs and fingerplays with Yueying. She's absolutely wonderful and the children are very engaged in her activities. The children learned a new song about a little dog and are working on a fingerplay about a caterpillar and rabbit. Yesterday the children learned about families while playing with the dollhouse and the new panda family.


Our New Chinese Teacher

Yueying has joined us this week and is our third Chinese teacher on staff. Having three Chinese teachers will allow us to provide all three classes with Chinese language instruction every day. Yueying will primarily work with the preschoolers. After Yueying finishes her training she and Amber will rotate as floater teachers in the baby house as needed.

Yueying is from Guangdong where she was a preschool and kindergarten teacher for three years before coming to the US. She has been in the US for a year and half. She loves kids and is very excited to work with our children. Today Yueying read one of the "Spot" books to the children and introduced new vocabulary to them.

Painting at Daycare

Yesterday the children were very focused on their work as they painted pictures with bright colors. In the afternoon they played in the bounce house. It looks like the weather is going to get better next week, and we're all looking forward to summer so we can be outside all day.