Thanksgiving Week

This last week the kids did many Thanksgiving activities as well as continuing to learn about North American plains and prairies. On Monday the children listened to an Osage Indian legend and then made pictures of Indian Corn. Popcorn was dyed with food coloring which produced some very beautiful and brilliant colors.
The children made turkey apples on Tuesday! Turkey feathers were created using miniature marshmallows skewered onto toothpicks. The kids couldn't wait to take them home to eat.
On Wednesday everyone helped to make a pumpkin pie for the afternoon snack.


Preschoolers go Fishing!

The preschool class went fishing with Francy Fish today and had a great time catching Zoo Phonics letters!  This activity allowed the children to review all the lower case letters they have been learning since September.  As they caught letters the the children read them, said their sound, and did the corresponding body movements.  We've been using the Zoo Phonics program for two months and so far it has been very successful.  The children do a daily review of all the letters and then we focus on one letter every two weeks.