Zoo Phonics Success!

This is the first year Little Pandas Playschool has offered the Zoo Phonics curriculum. So far I'm very pleased with the results. Each day our preschoolers review all the letters and sing "Come Meet us at the Zoo." A project or activity is completed after reviewing the letters. Then we focus in depth on one letter every two weeks. This week the children participated in an activity reviewing letters a through l. Magnetic Zoo Phonics letters and non-Zoo Phonics letters were made and put on a white board. The children were given a dry-erase pen to draw lines to the matching letters. Nearly every child could complete the activity!

K is for Kaleidoscope!

This month the children are learning the Zoo Phonics letters k and l. One of the projects included exploring kaleidoscopes. The kaleidoscopes we used had mirrors inside and a glass dome at the end allowing the children to look at objects in our classrooms. After experimenting with the toys they made some beautiful kaleidoscope pictures.