Pumpkin Prints at the Preschool

Thursday the preschoolers cut open a pumpkin to explore and do art with. They looked at the seeds and pulp under the microscope. Then they used cut up chunks of the pumpkin to make Halloween prints. The kids had a great time doing art and learning Chinese with Helen and Amber.


Day Care Halloween Party

The Halloween Party will be held October 30 in the playschool gym at 3:30. Amber and Kimberly have fun games and activities planned for the kids including a pinata. Everyone is invited to attend and parents are welcome to join their children. Please remember to bring your child's costume to school. The teachers will help children change into their costumes after nap. I hope everyone can come!

Little Witch by Wee Sing


Nearly Everyone is Healthy Again!

Nearly everyone is back at day care and healthy again. Things were a bit crazy last week trying to keep ratios intact with teachers and kids being absent. We managed by having the preschoolers join their friends at the baby house. The kids had a great time playing together and the teachers took a few pics of the kids outside.


Apple Painting at the Baby Home

On Monday and Tuesday the children at the baby home had fun painting with real apples! The babies really enjoyed putting their hands in the paint and using the apples as stamps to make designs on their papers!

~Teacher Kimberly